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About Us

Learn about The Petersen Module


We at Aussie Floating Homes believe that living on the water is a lifestyle that should be affordable and accessible to everyone and as such, we are pleased to introduce the Petersen Module Floating House.

Flexible in design, The Petersen Module Floating house offers an alternative option to traditional housing one which provides future home owners with an affordable and environmentally sustainable lifestyle on the water.

With the current real estate market making land and housing almost unaffordable to many Australians, the innovative Petersen Module Floating House has entered the market and has become the answer to many potential home owner’s dreams.

The floating houses that we build provide an affordable and environmentally sustainable lifestyle on the water which are uniquely designed in collaboration with the client so that each module reflects personal style and needs.

Unlike other designs currently available in house-boat accommodation, the Petersen Module Floating House moves away from typical water-vessel accommodation by creating a livable, contemporary functioning habitable space on the water, that is enjoyable today with a cleaner environment for the future in mind.

Boasting features such as 95% self-sufficiency, a maintenance free hull and structure, on-board solar power and a water desalination package, utility bills become a thing of the past.

Furniture is included so all you have to do is move in and start fishing.

You can own one from $4,262 AUD + GST/m2 which is less than half the price of an on-land home. If you would like more information about how this is possible, please fill out the inquiry form below and one of our consultants will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


Creating personality and charm through design.

The interior and exterior of each Petersen Module is designed for longevity and our clients in mind. It sets to represent their lifestyle and personality.

This is made possible through consultation with our clients at the early stages of the design process.  We develop a working relationship with our clients which helps us select the right quality and finishes.


First of all, we needed to understand the meaning of the term ‘Ecology’ (Eco)… after extensive research, we here at Aussie Floating Homes now understand this to be a process; the connection and reaction between parts of our environment, that makes everything work and flourish together. To us, Ecology = Life.

Components of the ‘environment’ make up our ‘habitat’ (the place we live in). Sustaining Ecology is accomplished by allowing the surrounding environment to continue to flow naturally, without any intrusion or blockage.

We found housing on dry land in general as an unnatural intrusion to Ecology, which creates a blockage to the natural flow and to life itself.

So you may ask how does the Petersen Module Floating House take care of Ecology in nature?

No destruction of trees and surrounding Ecology, no disturbance to soil and no destruction to underground water tables through excavation to build any of our Modules. By floating on the surface of the water, the Modules remain both separated and connected to nature – becoming part of the surroundings without intrusion or blocking life around it.


The Petersen Module’s eco-friendly assembly method is unique worldwide.

It allows the construction from start to finish on the water.

No cranes or launch site needed.

This technology developed on the water to allow the 10-12 weeks assembly period without the cost of dry land, cranes, trucks, road fees and damage that could occur while launching it onto the water.