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The Village

Lake Macquarie “Aqua Village” Project


These preliminary sketches represent a proposal for our Lake Macquarie “Aqua Village” project. For which a full-scale Development Application (D.A.) documentation has commenced. Government stakeholders are aware of our project and it is now a matter of submiting the D.A. at local council level. Including developing this amazing concept further.
Many development companies have expressed their early interests, to be part of this project and are awaiting further development of our concept.
Our Aqua Village – Lake Macquarie project is unique in that, it is the only self-sufficient, eco-friendly and sustainable housing project worldwide.
With this project, we hoping to provide solutions to many isues and deficiencies that many of us face in today’s housing market.
We look forward answering any questions you may have and again, please do not hesitate to contact us at Aussie Floating Homes.